Rocca and Ferretti won the Eni Award 2012

Fabio Rocca, Emeritus Professor in Telecommunications at the Politecnico di Milano and Alessandro Ferretti, CEO of "Tele-Rilevamento Europa" (TRE), a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, received the Eni Award "New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons" for the upstream section.
The prize was awarded for the development of a new algorithm for processing data from satellite observation systems, to improve the oil extraction, allowing to get more oil for the same work, always in full compliance with environment safety and protection.
The award, established in 2007 and over the years become an international reference point for research in the fields of energy and the environment, aims to develop a better use of energy sources and to improve new generations of researchers, reflecting the importance given by Eni to scientific research and issues of sustainability.
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