The first edition of the "Stradivari" Second-Level University Master is about to start (October 2012). The Master is based in Cremona, birthplace of the violin, and has the support of the local institutions for the Cremonese luthiery.
This master is aimed at training engineers and science graduates to study analysis, mesurement, design, construction technologies, and quality assessment of stringed musical instruments. The target profile is that of an expert of materials, geometric and mechanical design, sound processing, computational acoustic, acoustic and vibrational measurements and more. The program is also aimed at understanding the artistry of luthiery from a scientific-technological standpoint as well as from an artistic-historical perspective. This will enable the trainee to be able to interact with experts of stringed musical instruments, whether operating in the world of luthiery or in the industry of musical instruments.
The professional figure that will come out of our Master's Program, will be able to offert his/ her expertise to research institutions operating in the field of musical acoustics and musical audio processing; research and development laboratories in the industry of stringed instruments; institutes devoted to the study and the preservation of musical heritage (whether in the form of multimedia artifacts, or in the form of physical musical instruments); professional centers for acoustic surveys; music production centers and recording studios.
The deadline for applications is August 31, 2012.
More information is available in the attached file.