In response to the unprecedented pervasiveness of ICT in the last decades,which has deeply changed the way to do research and innovation, the Politecnico di Milano has promoted the birth of the ICT Institute (
This novel institution gathers the Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione (DEI), the School of Information Engineering, the Consortium CEFRIEL and the Spin-off companies in the ICT field. These entities play complementary roles: DEI attends to cutting-edge research, the School addresses teaching activites in the ICT sector, and CEFRIEL and Spin-off companies cover the product/service implementation and delivery.
The ICT Institute also aims at integrating the educational programs of the School of Information Engineering, the Master courses offered in collaboration with CEFRIEL, and DEI PhD program, and at creating, around the academia, a community of professionals and alumni to preserve the traditional strong link with the national and international companies in the ICT sector.