The Technology Transfer

"Example of electro-mechanical by-wire brake"

DEIB shares with the Politecnico di Milano a strong commitment to cooperating with the industry and with the society, and the effort to bring real world’s problems closer to the academic research. DEIB researchers engage both in long-term research activities and in applied research projects targeted to the immediate industrial exploitation. In order to pursue these goals, the DEIB promotes a series of actions:

The technology transfer is implemented together with the services and offices that Politecnico di Milano has founded to support research exploitation: the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and the PoliHub.
The TTO manages the early phases of the technology transfer, including the analysis of research exploitability, the contact with the inventors, the patenting process, and the start-up of spin-off companies.
The PoliHub follows-up the TTO activity, assisting young entrepreneurs and researchers in their company’s start-up. The DEIB has been a driving force in the conception of the TTO and of the PoliHub and is the leading contributor in terms of delivered patents, spin-offs, and incubated companies.