Maximum1 is a humanoid manipulator, fully actuated through McKibben muscles organized in a biomimetic structure.
It features an arm with 4 degrees of freedom, a wrist with 2 degrees of freedom, a neck with 3 degrees of freedom, and a human like hand. Each actuator hosts a position and a force sensor; an angular sensor is on the elbow, and a vision system in the head.
The software is implemented in Matlab 7.0 and Simulink. The program is executed on 2 computers, the target PC and the user PC. Position and torque for each joint are controlled by an A/D acquisition board, namely PCL-812 PG in the Target PC. The muscle lengths are computed on the host PC by the inverse kinematics and sent to the power interface that controls the electrovalves.


The robot is under continuous development to add new parts and controllers. It is an arena to try biomimetic ways to integrate action and perception.