Optical properties analysis of aerosol particles ...

Development of a model for optical properties analysis of aerosol particles collected on filters

Simone Ceriani
DEI PhD Student

DEI - Seminar Room
June 13th, 2012
9.00 am


Aerosol (particles in air) plays a key role in pollutants. It has effects on health, climate and environment. Optical properties of aerosol particles have a great importance in the study of aerosol effects on climate and visibility. In the realm of the methodologies for the estimation of optical properties, techniques based on irradiation of particles collected on filters with a laser light are still an active research field. The development of an appropriate model to describe the system composed by filter matrix and particles has a fundamental role in the process of optical properties estimation of aerosol particles. In this work we propose a multi-layer model based on a discrete approximation of the filter. Results are satisfactorily in accordance with those obtained using a well known technique based on a two layer approximation. To demonstrate further the soundness of the proposed approach, new investigations and laboratory experiments are needed; however these are left to future developments.

Research area:
Artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision