Lab Around Windows Azure Platform

Lab Around Windows Azure Platform

Pietro Brambati
Microsoft Developer Evangelist

DEI - Aula Alfa, via Golgi 40
23 maggio 2012

Within the course of cloud computing for PhD and master of science degree, tomorrow there will be a seminar where Microsoft will present its own solution Windows Azure.

Windows Azure is the PaaS solution from Microsoft that offers APIs to build high scalable, self-managed and always available services. In this session we will dig into the platform to understand how different building blocks can work together. Starting from a tradition web application, we will see how to move it to Windows Azure using Web Roles allowing the web app to scale as a real word web site hit by thousands of requests. We will also explore different storage solutions for relational and non-relational data using blob, table, queue an SQL Azure. At the end we will explore some hybrid solutions that enable us to manage data and services hosted on-premise that can seamlessly work with cloud services using the Window Azure Service Bus.

Danilo Ardagna

Area di ricerca:
Metodologie e architetture software avanzate