Vehicle Pitch Dynamics Integration ...

Vehicle Pitch Dynamics Integration and the Impact of Electrified Powertrains on Chassis Dynamics and Controls

Dr. Dongpu Cao
Lancaster University, UK

DEI - PT1 Room
January 26th, 2012
11.30 a.m.


Modern road vehicles have been considered as one of the most complex multidisciplinary dynamic systems, which are also generally required to operate both efficiently and safely under a closed-loop driver-vehicle-road environment. Various vehicle dynamic performance measures are strongly coupled one another as well. These pose considerable challenges on vehicle system design and development. Such challenges are further being increased by the emerging demands on vehicle electrification. This seminar first addresses vehicle pitch dynamics and controls, a topic usually neglected in vehicle dynamics and system development due to the complex tradeoff. A few novel suspension concepts are presented in this seminar to enhance the vehicle pitch dynamics without compromising on the other performance measures. Then the impact of hybrid and electric powertrains on vehicle dynamics and controls will be investigated, by highlighting a few emerging topics in the research areas.

Short bio:
Dr. Cao is a Lecturer at the Engineering Department, Lancaster University, UK. His main research interests include the vehicle dynamics and controls integration, advanced suspensions, and electric/hybrid vehicles, where he has contributed 3 co-edited Journal Special Editions, 1 patent filed, and about 50 peer-refereed journal and conference publications. He also received the Best Paper Award at the ASME AVTT'2010. Dr. Cao currently serves as the Associate Editor for International Journal of Vehicle Design and IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (IEEE TVT), and an Editorial Board member for J. of Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (Elsevier) and for another two international vehicle journals. Dr. Cao was a Guest Editor for J. of Vehicle System Dynamics between 2008 and 2010. He is currently taking the lead role in compiling a new IEEE TVT Special Edition on ‘Intelligent Electric Vehicle Systems’. Dr. Cao is a Voting Member of the SAE International Vehicle Dynamics Standards Committee, apart from serving on another 4 International Technical Committees (ASME and SAE) in Vehicle and Powertrain Systems and Transportation. He also co-organizes a few international vehicle conferences (ASME, IEEE and SAE) annually.

Mara Tanelli

Research area:
Control, automation and measurement