On the definition and analysis of PPIs

On the definition and analysis of Process Performance Indicators

Antonio Ruiz CortÚs, University of Sevilla

Sala Seminari DEI
December 12th, 2011
at 2.30 p.m.


It is increasingly important to evaluate the performance of business processes. A key instrument to carry out this evaluation is by means of Process Performance Indicators (PPIs) as suggested in many methodologies and frameworks like, for instance, COBIT, ITIL or EFQM.
As a consequence, it is convenient to integrate the management of PPIs into the whole business process lifecycle from its design to its evaluation. In this seminar, we focus on the definition and automated analysis of PPIs as a necessary step to achieve that integration.
Unfortunately, current proposals are not able to specify several usual types of PPIs, specially those related to data, and are not well designed to enable the automated analysis of PPIs at design-time. An ontology for the definition of process performance indicators that overcomes this issue will be introduced.

Barbara Pernici

Research area:
Information Systems