an Italian reality in the global market of online tourism an Italian reality in the global market of online tourism

NOVEMBER 17 (THURSDAY) h. 2:15 - 4:15 pm
Dept. of Electronics and Information - Conference Room (ex EL0)


The seminar will provide a short overview of Expedia - the number one e-tourism agency in the world, an its Italian branch Venere, introducing the company's business strategy, organization structure, and market position; It will present the innovation oriented culture of the company, and will describe the methodological and technical approaches adopted to design, develop, and evaluate e-tourism services and monitor their impact. Finally, the talk will outline the opportunities offered by Venere to young computer engineers.

About the speaker
Dr. Perrone holds a master degree in Computer Engineering from University of Lecce and a PhD in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. After 2 years of academic research as Post-Doc at University College of London, Dr. Perrone moved to industry, first working in top level UK web agencies and then in in Rome, where is currently e-commerce R&D director.

For Dr, Perrone's slides (available after the talk) and any further update please refer to: