Databroadcasting over digital television channels ...

Databroadcasting over digital television channels - A platform enabling triple-play services

Luca Vignaroli
DEI PhD Student

Politecnico - Edificio 26 – Aula L.26.0.2
16 novembre 2011
Ore 9.30


Satellite-based telecom systems provide the best and quickest solution to reducing the digital divide in less-favored areas owing to their wide geographical coverage and the speed and ease of deployment of terminal equipment. However, satellite system must be efficient and cost effective, and capable of full inter-working with state-of-the-art terrestrial broadband networks. The system architecture provides TV-Centric triple play services to actual end-users in the home employing DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS technologies in the forward and the return link, respectively, together with a newly defined architecture for the distribution of connectivity to end-users, including an ad-hoc interactive Set-Top-Box.

Area di ricerca:
Web, multimedia e database