Yaw Geometry Impact in FMCW ...

Yaw Geometry Impact in FMCW Interferometric Coherence

Ho Tong Minh Dinh
DEI PhD Student

DEI - 3B Room
November 15th, 2011
3 pm


The frequency-modulation continuous-wave synthetic aperture radar (FMCW SAR) promises a low cost, lightweight and high quality images for remote sensing. Unfortunately, due to the long signal duration time, the conventional stop and go approximation is not valid for focused FMCW SAR formation even on airborne case. The effects of continuous motion during the transmit sweep time of the signal must be accounted and compensated. Moreover, among many factors impacted to inteferometric coherence, non yaw geometry between two acquisitions makes the interferometric coherence loss due to a significant azimuth spectral shift. In this minor research, the goal is studying the algorithm processing which takes into account the continuous platform motion during sweep time and recovers coherence by means of either time domain common band focusing directly from raw signal or filtering from focused data, enhancing the interferogram.

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