Maximum-Likelihood Estimation Algorithm ...

Maximum-Likelihood Estimation Algorithm for Reconstruction of Gamma-Ray Source Distributions in Medical Imaging

Bojan Markovic
DEI PhD Student

DEI - Edificio 24 Aula Beta
15 novembre 2011
Ore 10.00


Nuclear medicine imaging is an effective diagnostic tool as it provides information on physiological processes inside the body. It is based on administration to patient of small amounts of particular radioactive material, which accumulate in a specific part of the body, and subsequent reconstruction of radiation emission distribution thanks to a gamma camera. As the gamma camera provides an indirect measurement of emitted radiation, the reconstruction of images requires particular algorithms whose performances directly affect the quality of obtained images. In this work an advanced algorithm was developed for the reconstruction of images acquired with the gamma camera developed in the HICAM project. The algorithm is based on maximum-likelihood estimation of the position and energy of detected gamma photons.

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