Modular and Bi-Directional Energy ...

Modular and Bi-Directional Energy Storage System Compliant with Accumulators of Different Chemistry

Francesco Caponio
DEI PhD Student

DEI - Edificio 24 Aula Beta
11 novembre 2011
Ore 19.00


In recent years the use of rechargeable accumulators is facing an increasingly large spread. Although in the past they were used more as a source of energy for portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones are recently getting popular for use in all-electric or hybrid vehicles, or as a reservoir of energy to combine, for instance, with systems of energy generation from renewable sources.
The explosion of the use of rechargeable accumulators is due to the increase in energy density on the one side and to the cost reduction on the other. Suffice it to say that the newest lithium cells have an energy density up to an order of magnitude larger than the lead acid cells. That means less space for the same autonomy in the case of mobile devices and more autonomy for the same space in energy storage applications.
A fundamental role of the accumulation of energy today is undoubtedly played within the context of distributed generation, which allows for having devices within the distribution system that can act both as users and generators. This significantly improves the performance of distribution networks, which, as is well known, can suffer severe limitations in energy and power.
Aim of this research is the design and realization of an energy storage system, which is able to exchange energy with the distribution network in both directions.
Main features are the modular organization of the architecture and the compatibility with accumulators of different chemistry. The whole system has been designed, simulated and partially prototyped with full achievement of expected performance.

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