A 256 Microstepping Driving Circuit for Stepper Motors

A 256 Microstepping Driving Circuit for Stepper Motors

Giovanni Marzin
DEI PhD Student

DEI - Edificio 22 Sala riunioni terzo piano
11 novembre 2011
Ore 18.00


The use of stepper motors has become widely established in robotic and automation fields which deal with the control of servomechanism thanks to the capacity of this kind of motors to control the position of the rotor and fix it in a pre-defined position without recourse to a feedback control. The main drawback that limits the utilization of this motor topology is due to the presence of vibrations caused by a discrete piloting of the motor which overshoots and bounces back and forth.
The seminar has the aim to introduce the realization of a driving circuit for the stepper motors which, thanks to the well known technique of the microstepping, could limit to a minimum the vibrations and would maximize the torque produced. Such a circuit allows the control of small and medium sized motors with nominal current until 6A and a supply voltage of the motor of 60V.

Area di ricerca:
Microelettronica e tecnologie emergenti