A Portable Thermo Electric Cooler System

A Portable Thermo Electric Cooler System

Michele Anti
DEI PhD Student

DEI - Building 24 Beta Room
November 11th, 2011
8.30 a.m.


In this report I present my study about the use of thermo-electric coolers powered by portable energy supplies, such as phones batteries. In a world where everything tends to be “smaller”, “lighter” and “more efficient” it is useful to understand which are the technologies that can be used or not inside portable devices. Thermoelectric coolers have already demonstrated their potential in laboratory environments, where tends to be very reliable, powerful and fast, while their efficiency is very low, requiring ad-hoc controller instrumentation and dissipation systems. Even if there are some limitations on their use I demonstrate in this report the possibility to implement them in portable devices. This will be useful to create new classes of products in a lot of commercial and scientific fields.

Research area:
Sensors and instrumentation