Switched linear systems analysis and control design

Switched linear systems analysis and control design

Prof. Jose' C. Geromel
University of Campinas, Brazil

DEI - Sala Seminari
6 Dicembre 2011
Ore 15.00


In this talk, several aspects involving switched linear systems are presented. They are divided in two main streams characterized by considering the switching signal either as an exogenous perturbation to be attenuated or a control action to be adequately designed. The talk starts by introducing basic concepts on stability, performance calculation and switching control design based on a min-type Lyapunov function. The relevance of the proposed switching control scheme is discussed by introducing the concept of control consistency that requires performance improvement when compared to the ones of each isolated subsystems. This aspect makes clear the importance of switching systems in both theoretical and practical application frameworks. The talk ends with two examples of application of this methodology in LPV systems and DC-DC converters control design.

Bolzern Paolo

Area di ricerca:
Controllo, automazione e misure