Automatic Digital Pole-Zero Compensator For Radiation Detector

Automatic Digital Pole-Zero Compensator For Radiation Detector

Simone Bellisai
DEI PhD Student

Building 24 (via Golgi, 40) - Room Alfa
September 16th, 2011
6.00 p.m.


Nowadays, radiation measurements are largely used in a great number of research fields, ranging from the medicine to the archeology. The absorption and emission spectra analysis allow to obtain a significant number of information about the material and tissue on which these techniques are applied. The knowledge on the material under study is improved with a fine spectrum resolution. Obviously is needed a system which does not introduce errors in the measurement chain. Moreover, the digital techniques applied to the spectra measurements enable powerful post-processing by means of computers. The combination of the analog and digital techniques improves the measurements thanks to the integration of the two domains. With digital operations it is possible to compensate the differences of the analog singularities, maintaining the great advantage given by the analog acquisition techniques. This work is focused on the implementation of a singularities automatic correction algorithm, which can improve the spectral and timing resolution of the pulses acquired by the radiation detector.

Research Area:
Sensors and instrumentation