System architectures for Servers and Data Centers

A discussion on "System architectures for Servers and Data Centers"

Filippo Sironi
PhD Student

DEI - PT1 Room
July 29th, 2011
10.00 a.m.


This seminar is about a Ph.D. class held by Prof. Partha Ranganathan at the 7th ACACES Summer School.
Increasingly, compute and storage are moving away from local devices to large internet services and enterprise infrastructure. This shift towards server-side computing requires corresponding advances in the design of the systems powering such infrastructure. This seminar will explore the design of system architectures for servers and data centers, it will cover the overall system architecture for servers, the processor, memory and storage hierarchy, and the network, as well as the design tradeoffs pertaining to energy efficiency, manageability, scalability, and availability. After discussing specific case studies of enterprise data centers and warehouses that illustrate how recent solutions are organized, this seminar will be concluded with a brief discussion of emerging trends and future designs.

Research Area:
Systems architectures