Opening the Development of Service-based Software to Non-Programmers

Opening the Development of Service-based Software to Non-Programmers
Dr Nikolay Mehandjiev
Reader, Centre for Service Research, The University of Manchester, U.K

DEI - Seminar Room
April 11th, 2011


Enabling users who are not professional programmers to develop and adapt their own service-based software applications is seen as an important step in the development of the Service Web, and a core approach to keeping software tuned to changing organisational and personal needs. In the Centre for Service Research we approach such problems in a holistic manner, combining knowledge-based support for semantic service composition with user-centric design of appropriate representations and tools. This presentation will focus on one example of this holistic approach, the development of a user-centric tool for assisted service composition undertaken within the context of the EC-funded Integrated Project SOA4All. I will show how we designed a tool which provides a “naïve user” view onto the semantic service development and consumption environment SOA4All Studio, allowing users to assemble services which are appropriate to their circumstances whilst hiding from them the technical and conceptual complexity inherent in web service development. The presentation will describe the motivation behind our design decisions, the main research contributions underpinning the tool and the results from our evaluation studies.

Short CV:
Dr Nikolay Mehandjiev received a Ph.D. in 1997 for his work on a distributed visual language for user-enhanceable information systems. At present he is a Reader with the Centre for Service Research at the University of Manchester, UK, where he researches the design of flexible service systems, using knowledge-based techniques and user-centric design to open service applications to users who are not professional programmers. In terms of research activity, he has initiated and managed projects worth €5,5m, mainly targeting intelligent services and virtual organisations, grounded in the needs of the automotive manufacturing, telecoms and ERP sectors. Currently he participates in SOA4All: a €13.6m project involving 17 partners, including SAP, BT and Atos Origin; and S-Cube: the European Network of Excellence in Software Services and Systems. Mehandjiev has organised a number of international workshops on Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Research and End User Development. He has co-authored two books, more than 100 refereed papers and has guest-edited three special issues of international journals, including the Communications of ACM.

Maristella Matera

Research area:
Web, multimedia e databases