Tank refueling over a railway network

A heuristic for tank refueling over a railway network
Nicolas Zufferey
HEC, University of Geneva

DEI - Conference Room
February 8th, 2011
3 pm


The problem studied in this paper consists in optimizing the refueling costs of a fleet of locomotives over a railway network. The goal is to determine the number of trucks contracted for each yard and the refueling plan of each locomotive, while minimizing the costs and satisfying a set of constraints.
A heuristic based on tabu search and a flow model is proposed to tackle this NP-hard problem. The heuristic was tested within an optimization contest proposed by INFORMS in http://www.informs-ras.org/, for which competitive results were obtained on the provided data.

Edoardo Amaldi

Research area:
Applied systems analysis and operations research