Jena Semantic Web Framework

Jena Semantic Web Framework
Paolo Castagna
Platform Operations & Engineering team at Talis

DEI - Seminar Room
December 20th, 2010


Jena provides a semantic web framework in Java that implements the key W3C recommendations for the core semantic web technologies of RDF and SPARQL. Jena has been recently accepted as incubating project in the Apache Software Foundation [1].
The talk will touch on the main Jena components, mainly: TDB (the storage layer) and ARQ (the SPARQL query engine). Do not expect a Jena tutorial. A few extension points will be covered, in particular property functions for ARQ: LARQ and GeoARQ.
Finally, a brief idea on how we use Jena at Talis will be given as well as a list of challenging research and software engineering problems we are working on or investigating.

Short Bio:
Paolo Castagna works in the Platform Operations & Engineering team at Talis [2]. Previously, he worked at Cefriel, Redesign S.r.l. and HP Labs, Bristol, UK. HP Labs is the place where Jena [3] was born and where it grew up to become a 10 years old mature project. Paolo is a contributor to Jena, even if he consider himself, still, a "sorcerer's apprentice".
Paolo has a MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, he started his research activity on the TCP protocol and gradually moved up through the protocols stack: HTTP, web applications, semantic web and up in the "cloud" with Hadoop and MapReduce.


Davide Eynard

Research areas:
Artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision
Web, multimedia and databases