Business Service Matching

Business Service Matching
Kyriakos Kritikos
ERCIM Post-Doc Researcher
CRP HENRI TUDOR - Luxembourg

DEI - onference Room
December 3rd, 2010


Business services are service-based applications that provide a value to the parties that use them and can produce profits to the organizations that supply them. To this end, many organizations are now providing business services. However, there are very few frameworks that enable the design of such services CRP has proposed a novel business service design methodology that starts from the requirements of the stakeholders that participate in the business service network and is able to produce an executable specification of the business service in terms of software services that realize its functionality. This framework is now extended with the work of Dr. Kritikos with the ability to discover both business services that can be parts of the business service and of software services that realize the business services functionality. This work relies on the use of semantics to describe tasks and on the association of these tasks to the business and software services that realize their functionality. The matching/association of tasks with services relies on semantic I/O matching techniques and the use of one semantic and one syntactic filter. Another advantage of this work is its ability to automatically compose tasks and services when a specific designer-requested task does not yet exist in order to produce all possible ways this task can be decomposed into existing tasks that are associated to particular services.
In this way, a task hierarchy can be produced, where its upper part corresponds to business services and its lower part to software services. This hierarchy represents the design knowledge that can be reused during the application of the extended business service design methodology.

Barbara Pernici

Research area:
Information Systems