Economical sustainability of photovoltaics in Italian energy mix

Economical sustainability of photovoltaics in Italian energy mix
Mattia Assanelli
PhD Student

DEI Edificio 24 - Aula Alfa
22 Novembre 2010
Ore 8.45


Energy is the single most important factor that impacts on the prosperity of any society. With the astonishing growth of far East, China and India, new tensions around fossil fuels provisions are predictable. In addition, the concern of climate alteration due to CO2 emissions is encouraging the research of low-carbon emission sources of energy. For a country like Italy, that entrusts its energetic provisioning on foreign fossil fuel importations, becomes of strategical importance to find a cheap, possibly low-carbon emission, source of energy.
Solar PhotoVolaics (PV) and nuclear power are considered two possible candidates for the future of energy production. Nuclear power has always been considered as the cheapest source of energy and PV as the more expensive one. But solar photovoltaic system costs have fallen steadily for decades and they are projected to fall even further over the next 10 years. Meanwhile, projected costs for construction of new nuclear plants have risen constantly, and they continue to rise.
Nowadays Italy is planning its return to nuclear energy, so it is of topical interest the comparison of these two energy sources. In this study we want to compare the cost of nuclear energy with the PV one in order to assess the role of solar energy in the future Italian energy mix.

Mattia Assanelli

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