Optimisation-based design for linear control systems

Optimisation-based design for linear control systems
Andrea Maria Zanchettin
PhD Student

DEI - Aula 3B
23 Novembre 2010
Ore 11.00


Optimisation-based design is a very active research area aiming at the development of computationally efficient methods for the solution of challenging control issues (e.g., static output feedback) in terms of constrained optimisation problems. Among others, randomized methods and non-smooth optimisation techniques appear today as the most promising paths to the development of viable design methods applicable to practical engineering problems.
This document first provides a brief overview of the existing methods for non-smooth numerical optimization. Then, the problem of attitude regulation for magnetically actuated spacecraft is considered and a randomized approach for the solution of the robust periodic state-feedback control problem is proposed. The algorithm is applied to the tuning of "projection-based" attitude controllers. The performance of the designed controllers is illustrated in a detailed simulation study.

Andrea Maria Zanchettin

Area di ricerca:
Sistemi di controllo