Throughput analysis of type-I HARQ strategies ...

Throughput analysis of type-I HARQ strategies in one and two-way relay fading channels
Fabio Iannello,
PhD student

DEI - 3B Room
November 12th, 2010


One and two-way relay channels (TWRC) are studied over quasi-static fading channels by focusing on the throughput of Type-I HARQ transmission strategies. Specifically, the attention is on scenarios where the direct links between users are not available, and the only way communication can take place is through the help of the relay.
Throughput upper bounds are investigated, along with a number of achievable results, obtained by combining Type-I HARQ with standard amplify and decode-and-forward techniques or more sophisticated lattice code-based strategies. The case in which the relay also has a common message of its own intended for the users is addressed as well, by focusing on the trade-off between user and relay throughput.
Extensive numerical results for the proposed protocols and techniques are provided, yielding insights into system design.

Fabio Iannello

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