Uncalibrated view synthesis

View synthesis from uncalibrated cameras based on the estimation of the infinite homography
Antonio Canclini
PhD Student

DEI Ed. 33 Lambrate - Aula Conferenze
3 novembre 2010
Ore 10.00


View synthesis is the process of generation of virtual images starting from a sparse set of reference images of a scene, acquired from different positions. When the acquisition system is not calibrated, there is no way to access the Euclidean frame and therefore it is impossible to determine the absolute position and orientation of the cameras, and the 3D scene reconstruction becomes a challenging topic. Under the weak request of equal internal calibration of the two cameras, we demonstrated that the knowledge of the infinite homography is a sufficient condition for generating physically valid synthetic images from a pair of uncalibrated images. The view synthesis problem is therefore brought to the simpler task of the estimation of the infinite homography through a set of geometric constraints existing in the scene.

Antonio Canclini

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