ATM complexity evaluation

A geometric method for ATM complexity evaluation
Martina Maggio
PhD Student

DEI - PT1 Room
October 25th, 2010


Most of the current air traffic complexity studies relates to ground-based air traffic management system, where the airspace is divided into sectors and air traffic controllers are in charge of guaranteeing safety in air travel within their sector. Complexity measures that have been to some extent successful within the current human-based centralized system may actually be inappropriate within the foreseen automated self-separation airspace. The goal of this study is to propose a complexity measure defined with an autonomous air traffic control system perspective. The significance of a complexity notion is far from being trivial. From the aircraft perspective, its trajectory can be complex if too many maneuvers need to be done to manage the passage through an area with highly congested traffic or if a single encounter is safely-critical.

Martina Maggio

Reseach area:
Control Systems