Exploiting previewed information in estimation and control

Exploiting previewed information in estimation and control
Maxim Kristalny
Postdoc at the Department of Automatic Control, LTH, Sweden

DEI - Conference Room
October 14th, 2010


Information preview can be encountered in numerous control (e.g., robotics and automotive control) and signal processing applications and is a factor that may potentially improve control/estimation performance. We appreciate this frequently when slowing down after seeing a speed bump ahead while driving. In systems with complicated dynamics the question of how to exploit preview is far less trivial than the mere "slowing down" and the current study concerns with development of strategies for utilizing the available preview. This talk addresses the general model matching setup, which can be considered as a unified framework for both control and estimation problems with preview. The one-side special case of model matching with preview is currently well understood and the present work concerns with a nontrivial extension of existing one-side methods to the general two-side setting. I will present explicit and numerically efficient solutions to the stabilization and H2 optimization problems, which can be associated with asymptotic and dynamic behavior of the underlying control/estimation system, respectively. The potential of these theoretical results will be demonstrated by two case studies and laboratory experiments.

Patrizio Colaneri

Research area:
Control Systems