Field Reconstruction in Wireless Sensor Networks

"Field Reconstruction in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Shift-Invariant Spaces"
Gerald Matz
Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik und Hochfrequenztechnik
Technische Universitaet Wien

DEI - Sala Seminari
1 settembre 2010
Ore 14.30


Based on the concept of shift-invariant spaces, we propose a novel scheme for the sampling and reconstruction of spatio-temporal physical fields in wireless sensor networks. Shift-invariant spaces are attractive models for such fields since they dispense with the usual assumption of strict band-limitation. Furthermore, the localized nature of these spaces suggests a clustered network architecture that leads to low communication overhead and a reconstruction complexity that scales linearly with the number of sensors. We assess the robustness of our scheme against sensor localization errors and measurement quantization and we illustrate the performance of our scheme usng numerical simulations.

Monica Nicoli

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