Relational Cloud

Relational Cloud: the case for Database as a Service
Carlo A. Curino
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

DEI - Aula PT1
8 luglio 2010
Ore 15.00


We make the case for ``databases as a service'' (DaaS), with two target scenarios in mind: (i) consolidation of data management functionality for large organizations and (ii) outsourcing data management to a cloud-based service provider for small/medium organizations. We analyze the many challenges to be faced, and discuss the design of a database service we are building, called Relational Cloud. The system we present exploits multiple dedicated storage engines, provides high-availability via transparent replication, supports automatic workload partitioning and live data migration, and provides serializable distributed transactions. In this talk, we focus on an enabling piece of technology: a fully-automatic, workload-aware, partitioning algorithm, and we showcase its performance against popular benchmarks (YahooBenchmark, TPC-C, TPC-E) and real-world datasets (from

Mirjana Mazuran

Area di ricerca:
Web, multimedia e database