"Nanoionics and low energy memory"

"Nanoionics and low energy memory"
Michael N. Kozicki
Professor, Arizona State University
Chief Scientist, Adesto Technologies Corp.

Aula Alpha, via Golgi 40
29 giugno 2010
Ore 15.30


Scalable elements that can be switched between widely-separated non-volatile resistance states at low voltage and current are desirable for next generation memory and storage. One highly promising approach involves solid ion-conducting films sandwiched between oxidizable and inert electrodes. Resistance lowering occurs by the formation of a nanoscale conducting pathway created by reduction of metal ions in the film. In addition to possessing the speed, endurance, retention, and CMOS compatibility required of future memory elements, such devices have very low operational energy and may be integrated in both active multi-level (2 or more bits per cell) and passive arrays. This talk will cover the operation of memory devices based on cation transport and redox reactions in solid electrolytes and will include a discussion of results from foundry-produced arrays.

Daniele Ielmini

Area di ricerca:
Microelettronica e tecnologie emergenti