Seminario: "Formal methods @ runtime"
Radu Calinescu
University of Oxford and Aston

DEI - Sala Seminari
Ore 11:00


Applications in areas ranging from healthcare and transportation to banking and defence are increasingly dependent on the effective operation of computer systems in continually changing environments. In response to this trend, the research community is seeking ways of making computer systems adaptive, context-aware, reconfigurable and self-managing. Heuristics, simulation and AI techniques have all been proposed as possible approaches to realising this objective. This talk describes work that complements such efforts by exploring the possibility to achieve runtime adaptation in computer systems using techniques from the area of formal methods. I will argue that "formal methods @ runtime" represents a feasible approach, and present preliminary results that support this view.

Raffaela Mirandola

Area di ricerca:
Metodologie e architetture software avanzate