Seminar on: "Supervisory control of classes of timed automata"
Jan Komenda
Mathematical Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno

DEI - 3rd floor v.Golgi 42
May 21st, 2010


In this talk supervisory control of real-time systems modeled by timed automata and their subclasses will be discussed.
Supervisory control can be seen as an extension of verification, where instead of checking a system against a safety specification, the specification is imposed by restricting the behavior of the system.
The traditional approach is monolithic (global) control synthesis, based on region automata. However, this approach suffers from the well known combinatorial explosion of computational complexity: a decentralized approach, combined with coordination control, will be advocated instead. This is based on compositional modeling using synchronous composition of simple, e.g. one clock, timed automata and both algebraic and coalgebraic techniques.

Pierluigi Sampietro

Research area:
Advanced software architectures and methodologies