Seminario: "CASS-MT: Architectural Studies on Multithreaded Architectures for Irregular Applications"
Antonino Tumeo
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

DEI - Sala Conferenze
20 maggio, 2010
Ore 14.00


Irregular applications are a broad class of applications with unpredictable memory access patterns, control structures, and/or network transfers. Consequently, they execute poorly on commodity clusters that rely on data locality and regular computation patterns to tolerate system latencies. Multithreaded systems like the Cray XMT that use parallelism to tolerate latencies are a better platform for these applications. Building on the current design of the Cray XMT, we are studying and evaluating future processors, memory subsystems, and network designs to decrease the time to solution for large-scale, irregular applications. To perfom this task, we are developing a fully configurable cycle-accurate simulator, that will allow us a broad spectrum of of architectural exploration. In this talk, I will present the main challenges that the CASS-MT initiative is trying to address and solve, and then I will dive in to the design and organization of the Cray XMT simulator we are developing, introducing the various problems we faced both in the modeling of the system and the implementation of the simulator. I will discuss some of the technical solutions that we adopted to develop a fast, multithreaded simulator for multithreaded machines, and will present some of the preliminary results we have obtained.

William Fornaciari

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