Seminar on: "Model-based Performance Analysis of Software Systems with Variability"
Prof. Dorina Petriu
Carleton University, Canada

DE - Seminar Room
April 22nd, 2010


Performance analysis in the early development phases allows designers to compare design alternatives and make appropriate choices, such that the systems under construction will meet their performance requirements. Performance analysis of software designs expressed in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is enabled by performance annotations defined in two UML profiles standardized by OMG: SPT in 2003, and MARTE in 2009. In order to conduct quantitative performance analysis, an annotated UML model is transformed into a performance model, which can be solved with existing performance analysis tools.
The talk will give a brief overview of the principles for transforming annotated software models into performance models. This kind of transformations must bridge a large semantic gap between the source and the target model. Next will be addressed the research challenges for integrating performance analysis in the development of software systems with variability - such as traditional and dynamic software product lines.

Raffaela Mirandola

Research area:
Advanced software architectures and methodologies