Seminario: "Future Of Wireless Experience, Technologies & Research"
Javan Erfanian
Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Communications Society, Toronto, Canada

DEI - Sala Conferenze
Ore 9:00


This talk provides an end to end perspective on wireless technology evolution in the next 5-10 years to serve the increasingly mobile world. The key technologies & technology themes to enable the new paradigms are outlined, and the user's dynamic, personalized, adaptive and reconfigurable communication space is mapped to how the technologies, standards, global ecosystem, & operational excellence guide or respond to this evolution across the user mobility and in presence of new trends and players. In this formulation, key areas and issues in research are highlighted. The talk is interactive to address the key relevant questions, across the end-to-end space, in short, mid, and long term vision of the future.

Stefano Bregni

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