Seminar on: "Methodologies and tools for reducing the energy consumption induced by application-level software"
Eugenio Capra
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano

DEI - 3B Room
April 9th, 2010


Green IT, i.e. the issues related to the energy consumption of IT, is attracting more and more attention both at academic and industrial level.
Traditionally, most of the researches have focused on the energy consumption of hardware devices, infrastructural-level software, and on embedded systems applications.
We have conducted empirical researches that show that also application-level software (e.g., MIS applications) has a significant impact on the total energy consumption of an IT system. We have also identified some research roadmaps to define new methodologies and tools for reducing the energy consumption induced by these components.
In this seminar I will give a brief overview of the experiments that I have conducted together with prof. Chiara Francalanci and Giampaolo Agosta, what we are doing and how we plan to continue our research.

Eugenio Capra

Research area:
Information systems