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Prof.Federico Zaraga had a honor degree in engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 1969.
He has been with the Physics Department of Politecnico di Milano, working on new types of laser and applications, and to the development of automatic measurement systems.
He has been Research Associate at the Department of Chemistry of the University of California, Berkeley, working on laser initiated chemical reactions and reaction kinetic measurement.
Is presently associate professor at the Department of Electronics and Information of the Politecnico di Milano, were he teaches Optoelectronics and Optoelectronic Systems for Image Acquisition.
He has spent several years as a part time professor, working on technology transfer and consulting for some of the most important Italian industries and contributing to several applied research projects funded by Ministero dell’Industria.
His present research interests are in MEMS reliability and Color sensitive pixel detectors and their application in image acquisition.


Campus: Bld. 24 - Sez. Elet.
Floor: 3
Office: 302
Ph.: 3745
Fax:: 3699

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